The return to the office will be anything but normal. We have changed the way we work since the pandemic hit. By working from home and we have learned to work efficiently remotely.

For most people we have spoken to have enjoyed working from home and it hasn’t been a problem adjusting. Businesses have implemented new tools, platforms and technologies overnight and they have worked better than they thought possible. Whilst its reported that employees can be effective whilst working from home, not all business activities can be carried out at home making the workplace still more important than ever.

People are looking forward to getting back to the office, but with a more balanced approach. On average most employees would like to work three days in the office and two from home.

The workplace experience has been noted for being important for meetings, socialising, connecting and building of a community that cannot be done whilst working from home and has been greatly missed by employees. It may stop being a workplace for individual work but a place for group work.

Employers need to implement several actions in order to support a successful return to office

· What will make the employee feel safe

· Promoting a healthy environment

· Implement Support teams and task forces to keep an eye on how people are feeling

· Explore options to support employee needs for childcare and safe commuting

· Design spaces and common areas to boost collaboration and innovation

The pandemic has forced us to re-examine our priorities and focus on what really matters, it is allowing us to reimagine a new workplace where people matter more than ever, and we can strengthen work relationships and reinforce culture.

How do you feel about returning to the office?

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