In today’s candidate-driven job market, particularly post-pandemic, finding and hiring the ideal job candidate can be an enormous task. With employees taking Covid-related redundancies, and more highly qualified candidates seeking new roles than ever before, many companies turn to recruitment agencies to help them find the right people. But how do you find the right recruitment agency among the many that are out there? Once you find the right agency, they can be with you for years, so it’s best to get it right from the start. Here are some simple steps to help guide you through how to find the best recruitment agency for your organisation.

1. Clarify the role you’re recruiting for

Are you looking for someone in a temporary or contract capacity? Or are you looking to fill a full-time role? Get clear on the job description, and the key areas the employee will need to be skilled in.  A Google search for recruitment agencies who are experts in the type of role you’re recruiting for is a good place to start. However, also ask colleagues and acquaintances for personal recommendations. Your timeframe needs to be clarified at this stage. It’s also a good idea to confirm any deadlines for lists of qualified candidates and interview dates.

2. Identify the skills required for the job and match them with a recruiter’s specialty

Firstly, examine the role and position description you’re looking to hire for. Look at what level the role is – is it an administrative or support role versus C-suite? What experience with certain tasks is required and which areas of expertise are desirable? Many recruitment agencies will specialise in industries such as accounting, IT or financial services, or distinct categories of job such as CEOs, and you’re best off finding the recruiters who have expertise in the industries or function of the position that you’re after. These agencies will also have access to the best candidates within their segment.

3. Check affordability

There isn’t much point in signing with an agency if you can’t afford their fees, so it’s best to have this conversation early in the process. Any guarantees in the contract need to be approved, to ensure that if a hire does not work out within an agreed timeframe, you have alternative options for a replacement candidate.

4. Examine the agency’s quality of work

Check the agency’s client list. Who have they worked with before, and who are their regular clients? Also, ensure their candidate and client testimonials are positive and from reliable sources. Take a look at their social media channels to ensure they have a professional presentation. Ensure they are members of relevant professional associations, such as the Recruitment, Consulting and Staffing Association of Australia & New Zealand (RCSA). This is the peak body for the recruitment and staffing industry in Australia and New Zealand. A good recruitment agency should have a website that is easy to navigate for clients and candidates, with a current list of available positions and some information about the organisation. It’s also a good idea to examine a recruitment consultant’s professional profile on LinkedIn. This will help you to gauge a feel for them and their experience.

5. Be clear about what you want

A good recruiter will listen to you and find the best candidates for your organisation’s needs. Rather than trying to make a candidate fit your brief, they will only present candidates that have what you’re asking for and more. Your idea of Advanced Powerpoint skills might be different to someone else’s, so make sure you’re explicit about your requirements. Drill down into the position description. How many rounds of interviews will you need to undertake? Do you want to send feedback to the candidate directly, or via the recruitment agent? The clearer you are at the beginning of the process, the easier it will be as you get closer to finding your ideal candidate.

With quality candidates already vetted and available, an agency can streamline your hiring process, potentially reducing the time it takes to bring a new employee on board.

Finding the right recruitment agency can feel like just another thing to add to your To Do list. However, if you step through the process methodically, you’ll find that filling a position within your organisation can be a pleasant experience. Recruiting the right person for a role is made easier through clear communication with the right recruitment agency.

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